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70% People Use Internet in Asia (Last 2015 Update)

70 percent of Asia use mobile phones That means 24 percent of people have no mobile phones. Only 6 percent of mobile phone users have their own smartphone.

Again 11 percent of the people in the country use the Internet or have their smartphone. In this case, Pakistan (8%) is lagging behind Bangladesh. Neighboring India is not much ahead than Bangladesh (20 percent).

Even though the number of Internet users is low, internet is used for various purposes. One of these, 62 percent of internet users are now working on internet search jobs.

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center of US-based Research Institute, This survey, conducted on the Internet and mobile phone users of 32 emerging and developing countries, was published on March 19. Internet and mobile phone users interviewed in the country’s 36,619 adults were interviewed. The opinion of one thousand people of Bangladesh has been found in the survey.

In context, as Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), about 4.87 million people use the Internet in the country. Although the company has been using the Internet once in the last three months, it is considered as a user. On the other hand, 12 million 18 million people have mobile phone connections. And as the Mobile Phone Importer Association, nearly 60 million people use smartphones in the country.

Internet User Type: Users in the country who use the Internet on mobile for over 18 years. The rate is 15 percent. The older subscriber is 6 percent. Only 8 percent people using the Internet at home. Those who have studied more than secondary, use more internet, 24 percent. Less than that, but 5 percent of people using the Internet. 17 percent of the people who can speak and write English use the internet. And even after not knowing English, 5 percent people use the Internet.

Why Internet Use: The survey says 59 percent of the internet subscribers use internet at least once a day. Bangladesh is ahead of India (54 percent).

Responding to the question that uses the Internet – 69 percent of respondents used to contact family and friends, 56 percent of political news and 26 percent use it to know government services. The survey says that 62 percent of users use the Internet to find a job. In this regard, Bangladesh (55 percent) is ahead of Bangladesh, ahead of Bangladesh. 76 percent of Bangladeshi Internet users in Bangladesh use different types of social media. In this case, Bangladesh is ahead of India (65 percent). People from the Philippines use the most social media, 93 percent.

In the five areas of education, personal relationships, economics, politics and ethics, the impact of internet usage was asked – to the people participating in the survey. In this case, 56 percent of the Internet users of the country, 48 percent private, 50 percent in economy, 38 percent in politics and 29 percent can play the Internet in morality.

Why Use Mobile Phones: Pew Research says 65 percent of mobile phone users in Bangladesh have photos or videos on mobile phones. Venezuela tops the list (75 percent).

In Bangladesh, the rate is low (67%) in Bangladesh despite the use of mobile phones in sending messages or sms to different countries. In the case of the Philippines (98 percent) most forward

The survey says 6 percent of the people in the country have their own smartphones. Pakistan (4 percent) and Uganda (5 percent) are lagging behind Bangladesh. Chilean people, using more than one smartphone in their emerging countries, 58 percent.
Again, 76 percent of the people in Bangladesh have their own mobile phones, while 47 percent of the people in Pakistan have their own mobile phones.

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