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MD Omit Hasan Pavel

MD Omit Hasan Pavel

✅ I've been working as a graphic design artist for over 5 years . I'm also a SEO Specialist . My priority is quality!!

➤ I'm expert in design website, fixing php functions or major bugs/error, adding extra features on your website, manage your server (centos only) manage your panel(vestacp,cpanel) . I'm also expert in SEO . My SEO skills can be utilized to make any website SEO Friendly for Search Engines

• My Services || (I've Added My Designs in PORTFOLIO) •

➤ Design/Develop Website
➤ Making Web Cms/Script
➤ Making Website Template
➤ Fixing Or Adding Features On Website
➤ Finding Bugs On Website
➤ Making Sql, Create New Sql Or Any Sql Related Problem

➤ Server Management (Basic Work)
➤ Linux Administration
➤ Manage Your Panel (Vestacp, Cpanel)
➤ Website Templates

➤ Sells Marketing
➤ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

* * * Thats All * * *

▶ I've create magic for my customers and I am excited to do the same for you . If you're interested in , take a minute of your precious time and let me hear your story .

• Invite me to your job!! •

➤ I'll be glad to be a part of your success!! Thank You!! ➤:)

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