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Disadvantages of Internet . You Should Know That . 

Along with the benefits of the Internet, there are many goodies. Such as……

Someone is like Internet addiction to anyone. Many people are associated with various social websites but it works like a drug to them. Like Facebook, Twitter, they are overly used.

Because the Internet is available, many unmarried people are associated with it and they use it that they have no notice at all. As a result, their value is decreasing over time.

There are a lot of number of porn web sites in the current world. Starting with the older people of these sites, the elderly are engaging in it and going towards bad.

Many chaos teams are creating chaos by provocative speeches through various social interactions.
1. In addition to the numerous facilities in the internet, there are many problems in the internet, people are using various types of crimes and crimes.

2. Through the Internet people are spreading lies and rumors

3. To deceive people, cheating is all the same through the Internet.

4. Through the Internet, the youth young woman is getting herself involved with obscene and bad.

5. Little kids spend time sitting on the internet and leaving their studies

6. All activities of terrorists are on the Internet such as abduction, murder, threats etc.

7. All data stored on the computer is stolen from the passwords, because of the internet.

8. The Internet is killing people because of the Internet People are creating firearms, bombs etc. for doing such bad things.

9. ‘In the name of any person

Fiction, religious feelings

Blogs like to hit

Or like Facebook and Twitter

Social communication

The internet is also published on the Internet

10. Because of the Internet, people are being financially damaged for buying megabytes.

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