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Everything You Should Know About Deep & Dark WEB! The Hidden Database Of Internet!

When we search Google to write something; Then, how many such information came to us; Its thousand thousands, sometimes millions We wonder how much information on the internet! So much information is very much for us. But we’ll be surprised that for this; This content is visible on the Internet and part of the information is called Surface Web. And the Surface Web is just about 10% of the total Internet data. The remaining 90% goes to Google’s unknown, unknown to humans.

Generally, this hidden part of the Internet is 90% divided into two parts.
1. Deep Web

Deep Web:

In other words it is connected to the Surface Web. Suppose you are going to get a JSC exam result; The Board went to the website, there are all student student results on board website; But it is in hidden state. Only one’s roll or registration number; His results are coming out. Here is the example of the Deep Web that the results are hidden here.

Similarly, web site example of subscription reports, user reports etc.
Dark Web:

A network completely disconnected from the Surface Web and Web web; Which is a terrible name in the Dark Web Simple login to any login sign up system; It can not be inserted inside. It’s a completely different software to enter; And nobody here knows about anyone’s information. Nobody can steal any information. It is completely disconnected from search engines.
Search engines monitor their search with a kind of virtual robot or crawler. These Crawlers write the websites of the HTML tags of the website. Other than this, request requests from some sites to be recorded in search engines. Now that sites do not want Edin to find that their site does not find the search engine, they use the Robot Exclusion Protocol which prevents the Crawlers from finding or writing sites. Some sites are dynamic, that is, certain criteria are available; the existence of such a site is possible, and it is not possible for the Crawler to do this.
There is a special browser for entering these sites, named Tor. You can not access these sites with your current web browser. They are all out of the Internet, no rules and regulations. And their addresses are so bizarre (such as pdhdydtsghshsjsjs.onion) that ordinary people are very hard to remember. This is the real invisible part of the Internet.
You will not be able to access this network unless there are some special knowledge (such as programming, networking, proxy). Another feature of this part is that they use “Pseudo Top Level Domain” without using top-level domains (such as .com), such as sites on the World Wide Web, which is under the second network, rather than the original World Wide Web. Such domains have Bitnet, Onion, Freenet etc.

Dark Web can be ordered from low prices, drugs, arms, and everything else. Now these sites are also trained in the production of bombs. Dark Web is very easy to place in different places of the world; people are ordered to kill. And the name of the money on the Dark Web is Bitcoin.

The name of such a popular dark web is the Onion Network. It is originally designed for the Navy; Today it is one of the most popular Deep Web on the Surface Web site.
Hope everyone likes the tune. InshaAllah, I will be able to offer a better tune in the future. Prayers are good for everyone.

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