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Main Features Of Android “P” . Review of Android “P” . 

Google has released yesterday the developer preview version of Android P. This will be the next version of Android Oroo. In May, the final version of Android P is expected to come. At the moment, at the very beginning stage Android p. Its full name will be announced later. The new features of Android P are already known from its first preview version. Let’s know the new features of Android P.

Notch Support

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone and iPhone 10’s groove at the top of the screen, the groove Android operating system will now officially support. It will start from Android p Although many users do not like this nick or groove, Google is still supporting it.
New design

From Android P, there will be major changes in the world’s most popular mobile operating systems system and interface design. It is using the cotlin programming language which will make it faster. Google has not confirmed the full redesign But the preview version is going to be much better. Icons in the settings panel will be colorful.
Notification panel

The color of the notification panel of Android P will be more solid and its functionality will increase. For example, you can send smart reply (auto-generated) messages to the message from the Notification panel. Also, sending images and stickers in the message will be possible.
Using multiple cameras

Nowadays often these phones are seen, which have two cameras on the back. Even the front lifts are given two lenses to lift the cellphone. But this extra camera facility is usually enjoyed by the phone’s default camera app. But in the third party app such as Facebook, Instagram does not support additional camera lenses at all. The multi-camera API of Android P will eliminate this problem.
AutoFill password

Android P’s integration will be better integrated with various password manager apps. As a result, you will not have to password and paste different apps password again and again. Rather it will find the password itself (from the manager app).

According to the device and any network condition the amount of battery charged, the device will adjust the power supply of Android P. As a result, battery backup is expected to increase.
Indoor Navigation

In different markets or in walled environments where GPS signals are not available well, the location of the WiFi point will be displayed on the map by the distance of the Android p.

Android P new video codec profile will support HDR V9. More support for showing good quality images in lower sizes. Also the unused / idle app Android P version will not have access to the phone’s microphone, camera and sensor manager sensor. So in the background, inactive apps (such as Facebook Messenger) will not have access to record your words.

For now, these are the new features of Android P Preview. In the final version there will be some changes in this, it will happen. Anyway, stay with us to get updates. Subscribe here to get your texts related information directly to your email inbox from Tech2k18 . Thank you.

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