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Why Google Pixel 2 is The Best Smartphone Till Now?

​Last Year , Google has released pixels 2 and pixels 2 XL Android smartphones. While almost all phone-maker companies use dual lenses in their flagship phone’s dual lens, Google has given them a single-sensor primary camera on their Pixel 2 series device. But with this single lens, Pixel 2’s back camera performance has broken the record of all the smartphone cameras. At least Cameras review website based on Daxomark is saying this. Pixel 2 received 98 percent of the marks in the site, where the nearest rival received 94. Let’s see why the pixel 2 phone camera is better than everyone.

Last year, Google released HDR + image processing technology with its first pixel series phone, which gave incredible pictures even in small light. HDR + in pixels 2 series has been improved.
Fused video stabilization
The pixel 2 phone has Google’s special ‘fused video stabilization’ technology that uses optical and image-based stabilization to keep videos free of shimmering and pale blurring. As a result, the pixel 2’s video is more bland and perfect.
Portrait Mood
Do you remember Portrait Mood of iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 10? The image to change the background of that picture? Apple said that, after analyzing the data from the two lenses of the iPhone behind the camera, this portrait mood changes the background, which does not work in their front camera. But Google Pixel 2 has a feature-rich feature of both the front and back of the phone. This feature works with computational photography and machine learning technology.

Equally capable cameras in two modes
In both pixels 2 and pixel 2 XL, Google offers the same camera in the same model. Where the difference between price between iPhone 8 and 8 plus / 10 has the capability of the camera.
There is no shortage of storage in Google’s Data Center. So it provides unlimited online photo storage with Pixel 2 phones, which no other smartphone maker gives. You can upload your Pixel 2 Original Photo and Video files up to 2020 without downloading in the Google Photos Service. Then, unlike other Google Photos users, an unlimited (resized) image can be uploaded to a free plan in the service. On the other hand, Apple only offers 5 GB free Icould online storage with their iPhone. Google is also in the process of taking photos and preserving them.
Google lens

This is the name of a feature in Google Pixel 2 camera search engine. Using the Google lens feature, you can find information about taking pictures of any object. It basically analyzes online pictures and informs the user about the information. Samsung’s Buxby Assistant also has a feature known as Bksbby Vision, though it is hard to find any other search service that meets Google’s search algorithm.
Augmented Reality
Google Pixel 2 is an overgrown realizable feature that allows you to add virtual content such as stickers, photos, etc. with real images and videos. Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone 10 also have advanced quality features.
Google Pixel 2 has been priced at $ 650, and Google Pixel 2 XL costs $ 850. The iPhone 8 Plus is now ahead of all available iPhones in the camera. On the other hand, Samsung’s best-known camera phone is the iPhone 8 Plus ahead of the phone. Technology experts are pushing Google Pixel 2 series cameras ahead of everything. However, if the iPhone 10 comes to market then this ranking will be reviewed again. Until then pixel 2 is considered to be the best camera of the phone. What does your experience say?

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