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Why People Use Dark Web ? Why it is so popular? 

I have personally seen, there is a great curiosity on the people of Dark Nets or the Dark Web, a year ago, I published an article on “Hidden section of the Internet” – and at the same time, seeing your response there was a lot of interest in everyone. And now you will see the article on TV news, news paper, and millions of times on the internet. The Internet is really a curiosity, and since many people say this section of the Internet is banned, we are more interested in visiting it. Actually, my own interest in this matter is not less, and I’ve done a lot of research from that interest, where I have made some clear answers to some questions!

So, is the Dark Net really a heaven for the hackers? Can you really do whatever you want there, or are the NSA or the FBI looking at your activities there too? Is it really illegal? Why do so many people want to visit this forbidden address? If you are the real technology mom, the answer to these questions is no less than finding gold mine. In this article I tried to cover the whole thing clearly.

Dark Net

The first thing that needs to be understood to understand about Dark Net or Dark Web is “Invisible Web” – You know, there are two parts on the Internet, this is the Surface Web or Visible Web and another invisible web. You may be stunned to know, a huge amount of data on the Internet is not actually seen in search engines. Even in that part you will not be able to enter the normal URL or dot less domain. If you talk, how big is this hidden data on the Internet, so the answer will be thousands of times bigger than the Visible Web. Anyway, in this article, I have shared a lot of knowledge in this article, now let’s come back to the main topic. Then one thing stands out, in the part of the Internet that we do not have access to, and search engines can not even index the data, it’s invisible web.

Now the question is, how much is the relation between Invisible Web with Dark Web View, Invisible Web is the Internet that can not be easily or inaccessible, and The Dark Web also hides, so Dark Knight is just a small part of this invisible web यन्त्र If you have any data in Google Drive, then a search engine will not be able to index it, or it will not be able to access it by link. So here’s your data in Invisible Web But remember now, you have built a site where the special address and special web browser is required to enter and there you do some illegal work, so it is invisible in the web, but actually the dark net section.
Dark Web is basically a small part of the Deep Web Illegal drug trading, illegal tool trading, hitting Hitman to kill someone, and even working for renting cyber criminals or black hat hackers here. If it comes to the validity or illegality of the word, then the web site or the web is valid, if the bad side is omitted, then to protect your privacy, the best place this web web. But the Dark Web is totally illegal! But is it illegal to visit? Let’s try the answer from the paragraph below.
How to access dark nets?

Reading this article, that means, sure enough, Google search or the search engine of any web site will not be able to enter the Dark Web There is no scope to enter the Dark Web in error, The Dark Web is usually accessed using a special protocol, where the Deep Web can be a bit like a web page but access permissions (username / password) is required. By typing traditional urls and accessing the dark net from the general browser, you must use a special web browser client to access this area, and many also know the name, “The Uninion Router” which is called Tor Browser.

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